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Cushion Massager | LISTER


Cushion Massager

  • S$22.50

1 Year Local Warranty


  • Long-term sedentary sickness
  • Sore head
  • Bumping the head while driving
  • Chest tightness and sweating
  • Sedentary lumbar strain and chest tightness
  • Cervical soreness
  • Cervical soreness after driving for a long time


  • Simulation massage
  • Breathable and wicking
  • 5 seconds Rebound
  • Not tired after sitting for a long time
  • Automatic power-off
  • Quiet and low noise
  • Body massage
  • Artificial human five-finger massage relieves cervical/lumbar pain and stiffness
  • Simulation human vibration massage
  • 4D embrace
  • Three-point support for thoracic spine/lumbar spine/caudal spine to relieve lumbar pressure
  • Automatic power-off
  • Automatically power off if no operation for 15 minutes to prevent excessive massage


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