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Space Memory Foam Cushion and Backrest | LISTER


Space Memory Foam Cushion and Backrest

  • S$50.00

The space memory foam cushion provides you with the best comfort while you work or game. The cushion is built with a Japanese cooling gel and memory foam created with space technology. Sitting for long hours may cause cramps, stiffness and stress overtime. The cooling seat and back cushion enables you to make the best out of your office hours. The middle hole is designed to match with the air guide grooves on the left and right sides, allowing air to flow freely when sitting for a long period of time.


The cooling gel is made of selected innovative materials. Vacuum spray technology is being used to form a jelly-like gel layer, making it cool and refreshing.


1) It is suitable for all shapes and sizes

2) Can be adjustable to meet your comfort needs

3) Supports back, chiropractic and waist wrapping area

4) Made from bamboo charcoal

5) Breathable and comfortable

6) Odorless

7) The three way strap attached to the back cushion is adjustable, making the back cushion more stable

8) It also comes with a zipper, making it easy to wash.

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