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Compression Headband | LISTER


Compression Headband

  • S$15.00


Wearing compression has the additional benefit of warming you up much faster!


  • Improved Performance

With compression blood flows better and circulation is improved. Oxygen is sent to your muscles faster which energizes you and contributes to a better performance. As a result, you prevent potential tiredness and that achy feeling.

  • Faster Recovery

When your blood flows faster, it helps to speed up your recovery time. It flushes out lactic acid faster which prevents build ups in your muscles. The pain and potential soreness is minimized. As a result, you can work-out as hard as you want, and you’ll be faster on your feet.

  • Faster Warm Up

Wearing compression has the additional benefit of warming you up much faster. It help you to cool down by drawing moisture away from your skin and regulating your temperature. The micro-particles in the yarn that we use make you feel dry and keep you feeling your best.

  • Feeling Stronger

Compression clothing feels like a second skin. The slight pressure of the fabrics on your skin improve your athletic feel. As a result, your body is sculpted and your muscles are tightened, all while feeling unrestricted and comfortable to keep going.

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