T-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Massage Gun | LISTER

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T-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Massage Gun | LISTER

Lister Massage Gun

T-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Massage Gun 1 Years Warranty

  • S$235.00


Designed For Military Soldiers And Sport Athlete.

How To Use LISTER Massage Gun

  1. Place the massage head on your desired muscle part and slowly massage the area by pushing it inward your muscle.
  2. The Massage Gun will react to the tight muscle with stronger percussion. This is to reduce the tightness of your muscle.
  3. Massage each area for 10-15 second before moving on to the next spot.


  • Stroke the muscle gun up and down your muscle group without pushing the muscle gun inward. For the muscle gun to be effective, users have to gently push the massage gun inward your muscle when the massage gun is in contact with your body.

Why Choose Our Massage Gun?

  1. 1 To 1 Brand New Set Exchange On The Spot, No Repair!
  2. Noise Level Range From 30DB To 50DB - The Lowest In The Market.
  3. Our Screws are used with Salt Spray To Prevent the Screws from Loosening after Prolong Usage. This is a crucial step that is Ignored by many Manufacturers.

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